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My Spiritual Checkup

According to the author, Christians need to check in with their Lord and Master, the Great

Physician, to be certain that the challenges of this life have not produced any major, bad spiritual changes in their spiritual condition.

In My Spiritual Checkup, Catherine Braswell helps readers assess themselves and addresses how they can recover from their current state. Braswell starts by identifying what readers should look for during the checkup. She covers all aspects of one’s being, from the mind to the heart. At the end, she helps readers handle the results of their spiritual examination and leads them to move forward.



A Spiritually Fit You

We have been focusing on and dealing with spiritual illnesses and issues that can sometimes hinder the progress of our walk with the Lord. These illnesses have been compared to the sicknesses that affect the natural body, which causes so many breakdowns, until the body is unable to perform at the maximum level.

Now let us see the benefits of a spiritually fit you and what can really happen to an individual when the spirit man is up and running at the maximum level in all areas. What happens when my mind is 100 percent pure, my heart is free of clots and clutter, my mouth and tongue are in control, my eyes are at 20/20 visual acuity, and the rest of my spiritual health is where the Lord needs me to be operating? What things will I be able to perform and what changes will happen in the body of Christ when I am focusing, obeying, walking, speaking, and loving with a spiritually fit me? If I am spiritually fit and walking totally in the authority of the Holy Spirit with the anointing of the Lord’s approval in my life, a positive change has to happen to the body of Christ.

You see, spiritual fitness is a must if the church is to move and shift toward being ready for the Great Return of the Lord. Are we, the church, spiritually fit and ready for that great day? We can be! Can I pull off the old me and put on the new me operating in the call and the charge that our Lord and Savior has given his life for my expected end? Can I actively rise up and walk in the new birth that has been freely given to me? Yes, I can!



Is the Church Sick?

It is Catherine Braswel’s opinion that as far as we’ve fallen as a nation, we have fallen even further as “a church community.” We look for unrighteousness in the world, but what happens when we see it on a daily basis in the House of God? No wonder the questions is asked, “is the Church Sick?

Using medical analogies, and drawing from her years as a clinical nurse and community pastor, some of the most important points the author brings up in her book are:

The things you had control over in your life are completely out of control. You have blocked arteries all over the place and you need God to come in and perform some major surgeries, before you die spiritually.

Christ died and had given us a new identity in which we have been called the children of God, but somehow were just done remember that. How can such an act of love be forgotten? Where did I lose it and how can I find it?

In the last chapter , the author explores exactly what “medicines and treatments” God requires for the healing of the church, what we as a church community can do to speed up the healing process, and how we can keep these “diseases” from re-infesting or infecting the church again.



52 Weeks of Practical Applications to Biblical Principles

A Guide to Practice What You Preach or Teach. How to Live the Word of God from Day to Day!!!

In our daily walk as a Christian, reading, studying, and learning the Word of God is very important. But over the course of years, I have noticed that it is very hard for many Christians to apply what they’ve learned to their daily lives.  For this reason, I have written Fifty-two Weeks of Biblical Principles, a guide that will teach you how to walk daily in the Word of God!

Fifty-two Weeks of Biblical Principles, also includes helpful weekly applications everyday living. It will teach you how to face life challenges without losing or compromising your integrity. As you apply these principles, you will see personal growth, spiritual maturity and, you will learn how to trust God in every area and situation that you may encounter in life.



My Spiritual Checkup

My Spiritual Checkup